7 Rounds – 89 possible points + funny points, if you can tickle the host’s humorous.

Our game is 7 rounds…

ROUND 1 – Nice & Easier Round to Prove Trivia Isn’t Scary (8 questions for 8 points)

General knowledge – sports, pop culture, history, geography, science, movies, TV, music, literature, etc.

Example 1: The Second City is an improv enterprise based in what city?

Example 2: Where in your body are the tarsus bones?

ROUND 2 – Multiple Choice (8 questions for 8 points)

General knowledge

Example 1: Who has the MLB record for most career Grand Slams: A-Rod, Manny Ramirez or Mark McGwire?

Example 2: Which TV show had more episodes in its original run on air: Beavis and Butt-head, Daria or Celebrity Deathmatch?

Or theme 

Example 1: Book, Movie or Both?

Example 2: Iceland, New Zealand or Both?

ROUND 3 – Social Round (List 8 for 8 points +2 points if everyone with the same color scoresheet as you hits the magic #)

Work with other teams that have the same color scoresheet as you to come up with a list of 8. Get 2 points if every team with the same color scoresheet as your team gets the magic number of answers correct. Magic number varies. Host will tell you the magic number when he/she asks the question.

Example 1: Name 8 of the 9 highest paid actresses in the world from June 2015-2016. Magic number is 5.

Example 2: Name the 8 most visited Asian countries by number of international tourists in 2016. Magic number is 6.

ROUND 4 – Theme Round (10 questions for 8 points)

Questions with a theme.

Example 1: (Theme is Carter? I Hardly Know Her!) Jimmy Carter served in which branch of the U.S. Armed Forces?

Example 2: (Theme is Summer in the City) Ancient Greeks blamed what Dog Star for the hot temperatures and drought from July til mid-August?

ROUND 5 – Picture Round (10 questions for 10 points)

Identify the pictures.

Example 1:

Picture Round Ex 1

Example 2:

Picture Round Ex 2.png

ROUND 6 – Name That Tune Round (20 points)

Host either provides the theme and plays ten songs with the theme, and teams get one point for correctly identifying the artist and one point for correctly identifying the song title OR the host plays eight songs with an unknown theme and teams  get one point for correctly identifying the artist and one point for correctly identifying the song title and four points for figuring out the theme.

Example 1: (Playlist for round with the theme Canadian Artists)

NTT Ex 1

Example 2: (Playlist for round where players have to figure out the theme)

NTT Ex 2.png

ROUND 7 – Final Round (25 points)

General Knowledge – The first eight questions are worth fifteen points total and the final two questions are worth five points each.

Example 1: What two Midwest cities have NFL and MLB teams, but no NBA or NHL team?

Example 2: Behind the U.S., Great Britain and China, name 3 of the 4 countries that won the most total medals in Rio.

Final Five Point Question Example 1: The character Tuco on Breaking Bad had to die when he did because the actor became a regular on what TNT show that spawned the spin-off Major Crimes?

Final Five Point Question Example 2: Who worked at Amnesty International before becoming an author that later lost billionaire status by donating so much money to charity?