Huckleberry Bar – Every Tuesday at 7pm

Come to Huckleberry Bar (588 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY) every Tuesday at 7pm to play Think While You Drink trivia!

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You can play with yourself (ha!) or up to 6 people total per team.

1st place champion wins $50 off their bar tab, 2nd place wins $25 off, and 3rd place gets $10 off their bar tab.

Trivia is a fun and often financially beneficial way to spend a happy hour and a half on Tuesday nights at 7pm.

Huckleberry Bar serves incredible cocktails, delicious wines and a nice variety of beer on tap. Also bring your appetite cause Huckleberry serves delicious food!think while you drink

Topics covered include, but are not limited to: TV, Sports, Movies, Geography, Music, History, Literature, and Science. There’s a Name That Tune music round and a picture round as well.

Games are approximately 1.5-2 hours OF FUN!


  1. No shouting out answers.
  2. No cell phones.
  3. No complaining – what you don’t know, you learn!
  4. Be nice to the waitstaff and bartenders: they make drinks happen for you.
  5. Host is right. If host is wrong, host is sorry and no one gets any points as the faulty question, like malfunctioning people, is kicked out of the game.

Trivia game begins promptly at 7pm


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